Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Hammerhead Shark Research Shows Several, Independent Lines of Evidence Against Evolution

Hammerhead shark research suggests that the first hammerhead appeared abruptly some 20 million years ago. It’s aerodynamic head, or cephalofoil, is a unique design, not only providing lift while swimming, but a platform for a distributed sensor suite, complete with widely spaced eyes and an array of electromagnetic sensors providing triangulation with superior binocular vision and electromagnetic tracking of prey, detecting extremely weak electrical signals arising from molecules in their prey. Even evolutionists admit it is “remarkable.” Indeed, an abruptly appearing design that requires our smartest scientists even to understand. In addition to this, the newer hammerheads are smaller versions of that original hammerhead. These “incredible shrinking sharks” must have independently evolved from the ancestral lineage.

Abrupt appearances, astonishing designs, and independent repeated evolution. It is, as E.O. Wilson would say, a consilience of evidence.


  1. Hammerhead sharks - video

    quote at the 1:17 mark

    'The Hammerhead Shark is such a unique animal. I mean just look at it! How in the world did it evolve to the position that it's in. I mean its shape. It's so alluring. You can't help but just think, 'What is this all for?'

    1. It is good to read your blog entries again bornagain77, some sane intelligence in an otherwise murky cesspool of illogic and major league denial.

      It is incredible that some of your critics here would fault the hard work you do supplying evidence for your position. Among these truth deniers any virtue is a fault. You are doing excellent work, and yet your critics use ad hominins and straw man arguments against you. It just shows the weakness of their p.o.f. It blows my mind away.

      Please keep the entries coming. I especially enjoy your video references.


  2. Perhaps, the head was designed that way as a better platform for the laser ,BA .Why not? Or perhaps as the result of a dare by the other Designers? That is the darn thing about designers,one day butterflies,the next a candiru. The Rockies at sunrise,the Black Death. Jessica Alba,Eugen:)

  3. LOL!

    Robin, er, Cornelius sticks to his old tried and true formula

    1. Post link to new scientific findings
    2. Misquote, spin, or outright lie about the research
    3. Express smarmy personal incredulity
    4. Bail out without offering any alternative explanations for the data

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  4. What I don't understand is how these findings, which explored genealogical relationships among extant hammerhead shark species, can be construed as "lines of evidence against evolution," as claimed in the headline of the OP.

    They look like classical evidences of common descent.

    1. Oops I forgot, abrupt appearance of designs we can't even build ourselves, let alone scratch the surface at understanding, is evidence for evolution. That's why you guys get paid the big bucks.

    2. You also forgot to explain how the data in the referenced paper disprove evolution.

  5. WOW Dr. Hunter, you're not going to believe this. This kid built a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage;

    Taylor Wilson: Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor when I was 14 years old - video