Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Key Question About That NYC Meeting This Week: What Was NT Wright Thinking?

Jeffrey Schloss presented an “elegant overview” of the evidence for evolution to an invitation-only, closed meeting of mover-and-shaker evolutionists this week in New York City. It would have been a “preaching-to-the-choir” event with folks like Joel Hunter listening who once apparently commented:

But the fact of evolution is (and has been for some time) as fully established as the fact of the sphericity of the earth and the historicity of the Holocaust. Someone can deny both of those facts to their heart’s content, but that doesn’t mean they merit further investigation or refutation. They do not because they oppose common sense and empirical demonstration.

Common sense? Millions of species arising spontaneously has been empirically demonstrated? Well there was one person listening who might have, like Willie Keith, seen the real message. The key question is: What was NT Wright Thinking? Hopefully it was something like this or this.

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  1. Damn heretics. They'll burn for eternity like them Catholics.