Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Here’s the Latest on the Evolutionist’s Blackballing of David Coppedge

Back to that other court case, it turns out that David Coppedge was not fired from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab due to his Intelligent Design sympathies after all. Instead, it was all about Coppedge’s job performance. Turns out Coppedge is a downright terrible worker according to his annual performance reviews. Strange how the NASA lab didn’t notice this for so many years before the ID issue arose. JPL somehow erroneously gave Coppedge all kinds of positive, glowing performance reviews in those earlier years. Only after meeting with their lawyers did the management take notice of the true quality of Coppedge’s work. Funny how lawyers can really open your eyes. Only after that did those performance reviews begin to get it right. You can read all about it in David Klinghoffer’s latest report.


  1. That's the M.O of those against scientific dissent and academic freedom. Remember the fiasco with the California Science Center regarding the film:
    "Darwin's Dilemma: The Mystery of the Cambrian Fossil Record"?

  2. Or in another reality,JPL had an employee who was disruptive and refused to modify his behavior claiming it was his religious right to be disruptive.And the employee became more disruptive. Management met with lawyers on the how to deal with the problem. The lawyers probably advised management to keep an detailed record of everything the employee did that affected the company adversely and accurately evaluate his performance. A paper trail. This is HR 101

    You aren't saying that your employee evaluation can't change? And again, laid off is not fired.