Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Why is Evolution a Fact?

Evolutionists say evolution is a fact, every bit as much as gravity is a fact. That is remarkable. We see and even feel gravity everyday. Evolution, on the other hand, entails rather dramatic, one-time, events that were supposed to have occurred long ago, when no one was around to witness them. How could we be sure of such a theory? There must be some extremely powerful and compelling scientific evidence for evolution to make it a fact as gravity is a fact. That is what one would think. But, surprisingly, there is no such evidence. When evolutionists try to explain why evolution is a fact, it is a tremendous anticlimax. Consider this example from evolutionist Massimo Pigliucci:

Consider the following: if there is any obvious evidence of the fact that evolution has occurred, it ought to be the impressive and worldwide consistent fossil record. Moreover, using the geological column as a way to date events during the history of the earth predates Darwin (i.e., it was invented by creationists), and we keep discovering new intermediate fossils further documenting evolution every year.

The fossil record, of course, is not "obvious evidence" of the fact of evolution. If we want to speak of facts, the fossil record provides a wide spectrum of data which do not prove evolution. Indeed, the fossil record falsified several fundamental predictions of evolution. That is a fact. Another fact is that evolutionists make startling truth claims and then back them up with weak or even contradictory evidences. This raises the question of how evolutionists could have such certainty in light of such skimpy evidence? More on this later, but to forestall the obvious, their certainty is not from science.