Friday, May 29, 2009

From One Absurdity to the Next

Evolution isn't even wrong. The religiously driven idea has its followers tossing and turning. Like a ship that throws its occupants from one side of the galley to the other, evolution has its loyalists flying from one absurdity to the next. To say that evolution is wrong would be to grant a certain level of objective, consistent thought. In fact, evolution is loaded with subjective truth claims and internal contradictions. Consider this new research adding to the rags-to-riches story of so-called junk DNA.

Tandem repeats are short stretches of DNA that are repeated head-to-tail. "At first sight," explains evolutionist Marcelo Vinces, "it may seem unlikely that this stutter-DNA has any biological function." This is an example of how evolutionary thinking harms science. Since life is an accident, biology must be straightforward. If we do not immediately perceive how something works, then it must be non functional junk. Over and over this evolutionary expectation has turned out wrong. And now again with tandem repeats:

unstable junk DNA allows fast shifts in gene activity, which may allow organisms to tune the activity of genes to match changing environments--a vital principle for survival in the endless evolutionary race.

The tandem repeats allow for swift adaptation to environmental demands, so cells with more repeats stand a better chance. As the evolutionists explain, "Their junk DNA saved their lives." We are now to believe that evolution created this sophisticated system of adaptation so that evolution could occur. Evolutionists are flipping between absurdities in what is increasingly looking like a parody. The evolution literature looks more and more like a spoof. As if sensing the problem, the science writer reporting on the new research hastened to add that it is to be published in a reputable journal.