Monday, May 11, 2009

Still Still Waiting

Are there no journalists who can think for themselves about evolution? Over at the Washington Post, Kathleen Parker has now joined Michelle Cottle and Amy Sullivan in a Francis Collins fawning competition. According to Parker, Collins "wants to raise the level of discourse about science and faith." Apparently Parker is oblivious that Collins is propagating centuries-old theological arguments that first laid the foundation for evolution. Nor does she seem to understand that science cannot provide the metaphysical certainty the Collins and the evolutionists have. Parker shows not even a hint of curiosity at Collins' non scientific claims. She writes:

Having earned a PhD and a medical degree, Collins is nonetheless a scientist with little patience for those who insist that evolution is just a theory that one may take or leave. Most human genes, he points out, are similar to genes in other mammals, "which indicates a common ancestry."

Should we laugh or cry? Evolution gives us dogma such as this, and journalists pass them on as though they are scientific findings. This is hardly raising the level of discourse.