Sunday, June 22, 2014

Still Trending: Now Big Data is an Evolutionary Mechanism

This is Becoming Ridiculuous

Don’t miss the Evolution of Innovation conference at Cambridge this week where it will be explained that the recent move in computer science to Big Data is, in fact, exemplary of evolution. This is yet another example of how evolutionists cast their theory in terms of contemporary technology. As we have discussed before, when the leading edge in biology was breeding, evolution was cast as a natural breeder. When computers became increasingly connected via networks, and artificial intelligence was thought to be on the horizon, evolution was said to use  “networks.” and “molecular intelligence.” When the state of the art was genetic engineering, evolution is cast as a natural genetic engineer and “Biotechnology” was claimed as an evolutionary mechanism.

So it is hardly surprising that now “Big Data” has been enlisted as yet another example of a cutting edge idea that fits right in with evolutionary theory. You see evolution is cool. It’s trendy and relevant. Whatever the latest technology is, it’s a perfect description of how evolution works.

These Darwinian anachronisms are reminiscent of the latent Aristotelianism in evolutionary thought (which you can read about here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here). Evolutionists consistently use teleological or design language to describe their hypothetical evolutionary process, even though their theory explicitly excludes all such notions. It’s all in the presentation.

The way that evolutionists think about, present and promote their theory is contradictory to the theory itself. This is another example of the failure of the idea.


  1. Sour grapes, Cornelius? No one finds creationism cool anymore? I sympathize.

    1. You will do soon, oleg; you will do soon. Unless you can help the nuclear engineers at Fukushima. Well, it would be too late for that now.

      'Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God, the Father '.

      How about that ?! Very old-fashioned, but ... well, cool man. Cool.

  2. You gleamed all that from a conference title? If all you have is a hammer....

  3. I don't see the problem. Amongst other things, God must be the Greatest Dataset Of All and Christians worship him without a qualm.

  4. But God threw them a 'wobbly' with all that junk DNA, Cornelius. It didn't used to be cool at all. All of a sudden they were cool with it, years ago. 'That's cool, man. that's cool'

    Even if I were an atheist I'd have to give Scott's peevish remark 0/10. I thought your point was absolutely hilarious.
    If you spotted that bandwagon mentality, brilliant spotting.

    1. They're like those girls who have such low self-esteem, they're always imitating their friend's hair-style and clothes.

    2. Paul: Even if I were an atheist I'd have to give Scott's peevish remark 0/10.

      If a diver gets a 0/10 the judges could point to specific aspects of their dive that is reflected in the score they give. And commentators can often point to potential issues before the score is given.

      So, Paul, why do I get a 0/10?

      Isn't evolution often used to reference change over time? Or perhaps you're suggesting the title is a response to theists claiming that the field of Big Data is divinely revealed?