Saturday, January 25, 2014

Now it is lncRNA That Goes From Junk to Hero

“The brain likes this junk RNA”

Dan Graur’s doubling down on evolution (either our genome is mostly junk or evolution is false) took yet another hit this month with a Harvard group showing that it is now lncRNA’s turn at the “I guess it isn’t junk after all” meme. The Harvard scientists selectively removed different so-called long intergenic noncoding RNA segments in mice and sure enough, problems arose. This vast army of DNA elements is apparently not junk after all. As one of the scientists explained:

There has been a lot of skepticism whether these long noncoding RNAs are important for living organisms. But you can’t say this is junk without testing it.

Of course that skepticism was not motivated by the science, but by the theory—evolutionary theory that is. But for many years now this evolutionary expectation has been repeatedly falsified. Two recent examples are here and here, but there are many more where they came from.

As I explained here, although Graur probably took the wrong side of the bet, it won’t matter. Function will be found for a substantial portion of the genome, it will be cast as Lazarus DNA (junk DNA that has gained some kind of function), and like the Star Wars cantina scene, evolutionists will forget about the disturbance and their world will return to normal.


  1. Hahaha! I love that scene and it certainly seems to fit the case (and many cases to come). Thank you for this marvellous post.

  2. Or perhaps it may be a bit more like this? (at least for common folk?)

    Nothing to see here - video

  3. BA77, sorry I’m not watching any of your off topic rabbit trail videos anymore. You have to do your own homework!