Friday, January 10, 2014

Neuron Development Involves Cell Severing Itself

Neuron Assembly Line

If you thought the brain and central nervous system are complicated, then consider its development. New research shows that the creation of a single nerve cell, or neuron, involves the precursor cell severing itself from the embryo’s neural tube. The neuronal precursors do not merely separate and withdraw. Instead, they are attached to the tube by long tentacles which constrict and then break off. This allows the precursor cell to move to where it needs to be without taking with it the machinery for constructing a new neuron. It is a very detailed and complicated choreography that just got more complicated.

Evolutionists say that random chance mutations just happened to assemble all of this—like a factory to build cars just happening to come together (no, natural selection doesn’t help). They don’t know how this happened, and there is no scientific evidence to support this rather interesting claim, but evolutionists are certain that it did happen.

This is not hyperbolic criticism. Evolutionists really do insist that evolution is a fact, beyond any reasonable doubt. And there really is no scientific explanation for neuron development, or a thousand other wonders of biology. This is not simply a case of a minor detail yet to be worked out by an otherwise rock solid theory. From a strictly scientific perspective, evolution makes no sense. It is, quite literally, an untenable idea, scientifically speaking.


  1. evolution = anti-reason + anti-truth = anti-science

    1. Yet the high priests of evolution and those atheists that have "risen to reason" have the gull to ridicule and slander those who doubt their precious theory. They fail to see their own blind faith.