Saturday, November 24, 2012

Now Evolutionists Say Evolution Created Evolution (Again)

It’s another rags-to-riches evolutionary story, this time with epigenetics going from dog house to white house. First evolutionists denied epigenetics, then they said epigenetics are inconsequential and now they say epigenetics may be instrumental in, err, the origin of the human brain. That’s quite a turn around. When (i) leading evolutionists such as Jerry Coyne are saying epigenetic characters are not usually inherited past one or two generations and so are not “going to change our concept of evolution,” while (ii) research papers are concluding that epigenetic changes, coordinated with genetic changes, “could play a role in the evolution of the primate brain,” then you know something is wrong. Evolutionists are having to rewrite their story at an ever increasing rate to try to adjust to the data, and it isn’t making sense.

Of course evolutionists did not deny epigenetics for nothing. Excuse the double negative but evolutionists don’t reject evidence for no reason. They reject evidence because they don’t expect it—because it doesn’t fit their theory. The problem with epigenetics is that it makes evolution even more unlikely, if that were possible.

Most people have an intuitive sense that random chance events, such as genetic mutations, are not likely to create the entire biological world from a once lifeless planet. But if that was a non starter, how about those random mutations first creating profoundly complex molecular machines which then proceed to orchestrate the evolutionary process?

This just makes no sense. From incredible horizontal gene transfer mechanisms to the incredible epigenetic network of machines and chemical barcodes, the chance evolution of these wonders is itself astronomically unlikely, but then for these miracles of evolution to perform so much more evolutionary miracle work is simply ridiculous. Are we to believe that evolution created evolution which then created the biological world?

The sheer serendipity required by evolutionary thought is amazing. Someone has to say this because evolutionists won’t. They are so deeply embedded in the front lines they are oblivious to the state of evolutionary thought. They cannot step back and realistically assess their theory.

It doesn’t matter to me whether evolution is true or false, but it does matter that science is being abused. Religion drives science and it matters.

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  1. YES Evolutionists inability to see the big picture may be an "evolutionary" defect LOL. It seems average people can, by making creative connections, can link diverse concepts metaphorically to produce a vast archipelago of connected concepts.
    Whereas Evolutionists seem to think via a myopic single island concept.Evolutionists seem to lack the memory creativity to go linking all things, like the rest of us. Creativity produces jokes. Evolutionists don't make jokes.