Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Evolution in the Classroom: Part I

Here is a podcast discussing some of the many scientific misrepresentations in professor Mohamed Noor’s course, Introduction to Genetics and Evolution. You can read more about professor Noor’s misrepresentations here.


  1. Seeing that Coyne's "Why Evolution Is True" was one of the supplements of this course it was easy to see that this was all about getting more people to buy that book and then indoctrinate them with its nonsense.

  2. Listening to you two guys bellyache about the solid science you can't refute reminds me ever so much of Republicans like Karl Rove's public meltdowns this last election night!

    Can you say "sour grapes"? :)

    1. LoL! You don't even know what science is and evolutionism doesn't have any science to support it.

      Can you say evos are a bunch of intellectual cowards...

    2. It's actually quite humorous when Darwin's Cheerleaders come along and pretend to be the smartest ones on the short bus. They spout off statements of faith, outdated "science" and use logical fallacies...sorry, not impressed.