Saturday, April 21, 2012

An Evolutionist Just Admitted That the New Tennessee Law Does Not Introduce Creationism Into the Class Room

This would hardly seem newsworthy. Even creationists agree that new Academic Freedom law in Tennessee does not introduce creationism or intelligent design into the curriculum. But strangely enough evolutionists have presented a unified front, strenuously opposing the law. Their reasoning is that the law introduces creationism into the curriculum. The only problem is, that is false. Not maybe, not debatable. It is objectively and obviously false. Funny thing is it is the evolutionists who have introduced religion into science. You see, evolutionists insist that evolution is a fact that no rational person can deny. And their reasoning to support this rather interesting claim is, not surprisingly, religious. Here is just one example:

Odd arrangements and funny solutions are the proof of evolution—paths that a sensible God would never tread but that a natural process, constrained by history, follows perforce. No one understood this better than Darwin. Ernst Mayr has shown how Darwin, in defending evolution, consistently turned to organic parts and geographic distributions that make the least sense.

There are a great many more religious arguments proving evolution from where this came. Darwin's book was full of such arguments, and nothing has changed since. In fact, while it is the consensus amongst evolutionists that their idea is an undeniable fact, and while they are not shy about backing up their rather humorous claim, their proofs are always metaphysical. There is not a single demonstration of the "fact" of evolution that is scientific.

And how do they respond to such criticism? When confronted they equivocate on evolution and redefine the idea as mere change over time. All of the many incredible examples of adaptation we observe in nature (where a population adapts to a new environmental challenge via super sophisticated biological mechanisms which evolution cannot even explain) are suddenly proofs of evolution. The beaks of bird become a bit longer in response to changing conditions, and therefore all of biology must have spontaneously arose. So evolution is not only a religious theory, it also is a shell game.

In addition so such transparently silly responses, evolutionists also ruin people's careers, bring costly law suits, lie to judges, falsify histories, oppose academic freedom, control funding, blackball skeptics and create laws that not only enforce evolution but outlaw even criticism of their non scientific ideas.

So when Tennessee passed its new Academic Freedom law which allows theories such as evolution actually to be examined in light of the science, evolutionists to a person fiercely opposed it. That is why, amazingly, it actually is news that an evolutionist just admitted that the Academic Freedom law does not introduce creationism into the classroom. Does anyone second the motion?


  1. Cornelius Goebbels

    In addition so such transparently silly responses, evolutionists also ruin people's careers, bring costly law suits, lie to judges, falsify histories, oppose academic freedom, control funding, blackball skeptics and create laws that not only enforce evolution but outlaw even criticism of their non scientific ideas.

    LOL! You forgot "conspire to falsify scientific data, steal money from charities, cheat on their wives, beat puppies and barbecue kittens"

    Wonderful job Herr Doctor! Your bluster has become so shrill and nonsensical it's hilarious! The DI must be pretty desperate if you're one of the best they can find.

    1. Slaughter of Dissidents - Book
      "If folks liked Ben Stein's movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," they will be blown away by "Slaughter of the Dissidents." - Russ Miller

      Origins - Slaughter of the Dissidents with Dr. Jerry Bergman - video

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    3. Yours is the typical intellectual level of fundamentalist evolutionists. Since they do not take your kind into a back alley and beat you for embarrassing "science", it kind of indicates that they actually NEED trolls to ridicule but not bring anything useful to the discussion, innit?

  2. If Hunter is as inconsequential as you would like others to believe, why do you comment here, bonobo face? The truth is that Hunter is kicking your worthless asteroids left and right and it hurts. You asteroid orifices in the evolutionist camp do conspire to lie and falsify the data and misrepresent the data as much as you can get away with. But nobody is fooled. You are all a bunch of stupid gutless swines. You have the backbones of earthworms.

    And by the way, how many posteriors do you kiss everyday, bonobo face?

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  3. Thorton denies that neo-Darwinists practiced deception at the Dover trial, but the facts tell a very different story than what Thorton believes (or what he wants us to believe):

    "A Masterful Feat of Courtroom Deception": Immunologist Donald Ewert on Dover Trial - audio

    In this following podcast, Casey Luskin interviews microbiologist and immunologist Donald Ewert about his previous work as associate editor for the journal Development and Comparitive Immunology, where he realized that the papers published were comparative studies that had nothing to do with evolution at all.

    What Does Evolution Have to Do With Immunology? Not Much - April 2011

    The deception (literature bluff), from neo-Darwinists at Dover, did not stop with immunology;

    The NCSE, Judge Jones, and Bluffs About the Origin of New Functional Genetic Information – Casey Luskin – March 2010

    Anybody who has debated Darwinists on the internet has probably been 'bombed' by a TalkOrigins FAQ. This podcast reveals the bankruptcy of the actual evidence behind these FAQs and reveals that they are nothing more than another literature bluff by neo-Darwinist;

    Talk Origins Full of Claims but Short on Real Evidence - Casey Luskin - podcast - February 2012

    Here is part 2 of the podcast

    Talk Origins Speciation FAQ, pt. 2: Lack of Evidence for Big Claims - Casey Luskin - February 2012

    further notes:

    Neo-Darwinism’s negative effect on science and society

  4. Evolutionists want "science" to be protected at all costs — even regulating the mind. Can't have kids learning to think and question "science", now, can we? Just ask Richard "Daffy" Dawkins and the BHA.