Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Photosynthesis: A Great Invention

Evolutionist Nick Lane claims photosynthesis as one of evolution's ten great inventions. Photosynthesis truly is a remarkable invention. The short explanation is that it is a mechanism that uses sunlight to convert carbon dioxide into chemical energy, food and the oxygen we breath. The long explanation fills textbooks and is about molecular antennae tuned to capture the sun's energy and incredibly complicated sequences of chemical reactions.

One may wonder why is it that Lane thinks that such a phenomenal machine was created by evolution. After all, there is very little in the architecture of photosynthesis that would lead one to such a conclusion. Lane thinks photosynthesis evolved because he is an evolutionist. He believes everything evolved. The thought that photosynthesis, or anything else, did not evolve never crosses the mind of evolutionists. For them evolution is a fact and it simply is not possible that anything did not evolve. You can see in what Lane has to say that feasibility is not a consideration:

Without photosynthesis life couldn't get very far. Photosynthesis provides both the fuel and oxygen for respiration -- and only aerobic respiration generates enough energy to support multicellular life. Oxygenic photosynthesis arose just once in the history of evolution, in cyanobacteria. The trick demands an elaborate biochemical scheme to extract electrons from water and thrust them onto carbon dioxide. Without that improbable pathway, we would not be here.