Sunday, June 28, 2009

Myers and Krauss: An Intellectual Convergence

That insightful Wall Street Journal piece by Lawrence Krauss is already bearing dividends. For PZ Myers it was just the thing, as it helped crystallize for him just why it is that religion is wrong. It is good to see our leading intellectuals converging on these important findings.

Krauss' ironclad, air tight reasoning and logic had to be moving, but of course none of what Krauss wrote was new for Myers. He certainly has made similar arguments. In his recent LA Times piece Myers issued his groundbreaking epiphany that an all-powerful, benevolent being would never have created this universe. Obviously there is no god and religion is wrong, but what is amazing is how evolutionists know so much about god. We knew evolutionists were experts at things that exist, but they are also experts at things that don't exist.

And like Krauss, Myers is not religious. After all, they believe religious beliefs are all wrong (at least those beliefs they don't agree with). And that's a good thing, because it allows them to see things so clearly. For instance, Krauss' piece also helped Myers see anew evolution's intellectual necessity. If we really want to do science, and do it right, Myers and the evolutionists remind us that strictly naturalistic explanations such as evolution are absolutely mandatory. Fortunately, evolution also happens to be true. That's amazing.