Monday, September 15, 2014

Here’s Something Orwell Didn’t Predict

Health Warnings for Anyone Who Disagrees With AGW

According to a report from The Times earlier this year, policy makers in Britain are attempting to enforce AGW (anthropogenic, or man-made, global warming) by mandating politicians who are skeptical to “shut up” about it and the BBC to give less airtime to anyone who points out its many scientific problems. One mechanism that was recommended was to have appearances by such trouble-makers accompanied by health warnings. How about stickers in textbooks?


  1. Do you mean stickers like these that they use in Alabama:

    I'm not sure if this is still current practice but of course Alabama is not the only state to try this.

    Or are these particular kind of stickers OK in your view?

    1. The sticker should read "Evolution is NOT even a Theory"

  2. Replies
    1. Not really sure what your point is CH...maybe time for a new post? You seem to be on a roll.

    2. The point is that people with "consensus" views such as evolution or AGW are now the inquisitors. The intolerance and abuse handed out by the Inquisitors in the 15th century in the name of religion is now the domain of ISIS and evolutionists/global warmists, examples both of religious intolerance. The inquisitors were the evolutionists of their day insofar as religious intolerance goes. Historically, intolerance seems always to be the purview of religionists --another proof that evolution is a religion. Maybe YOU should just move on, JD. Your roll was kind of slow. PS. Your participation here proves that evolution IS a controversial subject, so the Alabama sticker was quite accurate, no JD? PSS, I won't be checking back here for your snappy answer.

    3. JD:

      maybe time for a new post?

      I'm working on a good one.

  3. I'm actually disappointed with both sides of this debate. The fact that politics even enters into it illustrates the lack of concern by both sides. First I'm puzzled by a group who promote themselves as loving and admiring God's creations, but show very little concern for the way in which those same natural resources are being abused and the destruction of the very mechanisms which create and drive climate of our planet. Evidently not everyone though seems to share those religious views.

    Watch: Climate Change -- Faith and Fact

    While I do believe and know for a fact that climate has been disrupted throughout history in localized and regional areas which created droughts because of mismanagement, we now have complete earth wide dismantling of those important climate creating, driving and moderating mechanisms called forests. And not just forests, but other plant communities. I am involved in habitat restoration and using biomimetics through replication of what and how nature does what it does in rebuilding ecosystems. But long before Al Gore came out with his political agenda on this subject, many of us saw the down swing of forested systems many years before. I'm also a believer in creation of life on Earth, but disinterested in the politics and ideology which characterizes these discussions. The natural world should be about politics, of course neither should religion.

  4. But then there is the other side of the political coin, those who champion climate change. I'm already on record admitting I know for a fact that many things are breaking down. But the politics and ideology [evolutionary belief] also prevent certain leadership from recognizing the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. Environmental writer, Fred Pearce wrote an article last year in August I believe, about a miracle of sorts on a true desert volcanic island which at one time had little or no plants [except lichens, mosses, ferns, etc]. Water had to be shipped in as there were no running streams or springs. But over a period of time British Sailors brought in plants for gardens and landscaping there outpost and some of these escaped. Also, British colonial botanist Sir Joseph Hooker had a plan for planting trees in order to increase rainfall. The result is that this is exactly just what happened. But unfortunately none of the Scientists appear to be interested in studying and researching these mechanisms to implement elsewhere to create cloud forests which will change climate for the better in other parts of the Earth. Why ?

    Because it goes against the religion of such tropical forests needing millions of years to develop on their own over time. The 100+ plus year transformation is considered an ecological abomination because it's considered nothing more than a man made garden, even though it's really wild.

    With examples of irresponsible behavior like this, is it any wonder than deniers stay deniers because of the ideological commitments by evolutionary influenced ecologists ? Dump the religion and secular ideology and find some type of common ground. Given mankind's history this seems highly unlikely that either side is going to give ground and on that note they deserve what ever comes their way in the form of consequences.


  5. I guess this would be another example of people who are considered to be from the false religious sect or cult.

    Churches at the frontline of climate action


  6. Old Britain is truly becoming a oppressive state. jUst like in the old days when prohibiting rising puritan protestant movement.
    they truly are using the state to stop discussion about great conclusions in great matters. the schools are just one place.
    Truly for truth, christianity, freedom there is a plenty to overcome today in England etc.
    they are getting more like europeans and less like north americans.
    they are going towards tyranny.