Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Hype Must Go On

What was the worst example of evolutionary exaggeration this week? The contrived mega hoopla surrounding the primate fossil, Darwinius massillae, right? Wrong. True, the hoopla is so extreme it would seem to be a parody. Years from now, when scholars sift through the mountains of evolutionary nonsense, trying to figure out how it could have happened, the Darwinius massillae episode will probably rank as a spectacular icon. Like a vacant mansion from the gilded age, this episode will serve as the ultimate example of the unsustainable and vacuous non science we are witnessing.

But amazingly the silly evidential claims of Darwinius massillae are standard fare for the evolution genre. Evolutionists routinely top this example, and they did this week with the headline that announced:

Mystery of how life on Earth began solved by British scientists: Scientists in Britain have solved the mystery of how life on Earth evolved from molecules when the planet was devoid of life four billion years ago.

Granted this was a merely a headline, but the article did not help much. How could it? The headline is nothing short of outrageous (the scientists did nothing of the sort). But it is not particularly unusual. Evolutionists, and the subservient media, have a long history of such reporting. It makes the Darwinius massillae affair look downright sober.