Thursday, May 28, 2009

Evolutionists Don't Know What They're Talking About (Literally)

Nicholas Kristof is back at it. This normally sharp-shooter journalist seems to lose all critical thinking skills when it comes to evolution. Today he informs his readers that “Some evolutionary psychologists believe that disgust emerged as a protective mechanism against health risks, like feces, spoiled food or corpses.” “Emerged” is an interesting way to put it. I guess it sounds better than “randomly arose somehow via unguided mutations, along with a thousand other assorted behaviors for selection to choose from.” Kristof seems to be unaware how silly this is.

We also learn, courtesy of psychology professor Jonathan Haidt, that “Our minds were not designed by evolution to discover the truth; they were designed to play social games.” Is that true? If so, it makes one wonder how pundits such as Kristof and Haidt can be so sure of things (including evolution). Perhaps the social games evolution designed include making up truth claims that we cannot be sure of. Well in any case, one thing we can be sure of (I think) is that if evolution is true then evolutionists don't know what they're talking about.