Saturday, December 31, 2016

Outgoing NASA Chief Scientist: Life Probably Evolved on Mars

A Sign of What’s to Come: Life = Evolution

Outgoing NASA Chief Scientist, Ellen Stofan, recently remarked that life evolved on Earth, and probably on Mars as well. The irony is that while Stofan is advocating the scientifically-challenged evolutionary theory, NASA has, for many years, been reticent to acknowledge the rather compelling scientific evidence of extraterrestrial (ET) life. From Mars to meteorites, on a microscopic level there is reasonably strong evidence for life right here in our own backyard.

But (i) the existence of life, and (ii) the chance evolution of life, are two different things. Simply put, life does not equal evolution. Just because we find ET life does not mean we have found the work of chance evolution. Those are two different things, but Stofan’s remarks suggest this might be the next shoe to drop in evolutionary thought:

People have long wondered if we are alone, and we are now actually going to answer that question in the next few decades. We are exploring Mars, where it is very likely that life evolved at around the same time life evolved here on Earth. It will likely take future Mars astronauts to find the best evidence of Mars life.

In other words, on Mars we’re going to discover even more evidence of ET life, and for evolutionists it will prove evolution, yet again.

Look for NASA to gradually acknowledge the evidence of extraterrestrial (ET) life, look for that to be presented in an evolutionary context, and don’t underestimate the impact.


  1. I'm always suspicious when i see women in high positions in science because of the agenda to raise women up by knocking men down. Affirmative action is so pervasive that even legitamate women live under the burder of suspicion.
    Saying life evolved on mars probably is just plain dumb.
    there is no more evidence there then here.
    so its just guessing. Possibly they are suggesting a reason to go to mars.
    Anyways time for a Nasa scientist boss who says evolution didn't happen.
    I got a hunch that would call forth demands for firing that person.
    Well then NASA bosses are a target for what is true.
    Take them on.

    1. Robert your suspicion seems completely unfounded in this case. Ellen Stefan appears to be more than qualified for the position. You can google her bio for yourself - something you should have done before making such knee jerk remarks!

    2. Robert: "I'm always suspicious when i see women in high positions in science because of the agenda to raise women up by knocking men down."

      Robert, you really are a moron. I undertook my university science education in the late 70s, and even then women accounted for at least 50% of the science students (they account for more now). The fact that you are "suspicious" of any woman in a high position in science only speaks to your Neanderthal level of intelligence. But, given the other views you have posted regarding women, this shouldn't surprise me.

      My fantasy in life is that at some time in the future, you voice your opinions to one of my daughters. The outcome would be extremely entertaining.

    3. CaroleTim
      my suspicion is founded perfectly.
      It doesn't matter about any bio. The agenda is always about raising identities to positions in science historically dominated by other identities.
      It is so pervasive that EVEN if she was qualified and hired on those quality's alone the suspicion would still be well founded and to be expressed.
      NO. She was picked by a obama liberal establishment because of being a woman I'm sure.
      her dumb comments only indicate a further suspicion in this way.
      Remember Hilary clinton ran on a BREAKING THE GLASS CEILING accusation against society.
      i accuse society of affirmative action motives and actions on behalf of women in prestigious things.
      I accuse. lets have a trial in high science positions.

    4. Bill S.
      I insist. Women fail relative to men to accomplish in intellectual things like science at this point in history. (Probably always on a curve).
      Affirmative action for women in high positions in science is a FACT. Its so pervasive that even if one knows not the secret motivations STILL the accusation is just.
      I say suspicious because i hold back from knowing but its practically knowing.
      I accuse!
      Your denial and accusations against me are just what you say. i presume sincerely.
      I insist women fail to kerp up in interest and smarts about science relative to men anmd seeing them get the top jobs is just a agenda to raise them and keep down men.
      Its a ceiling on mens prevailing abilities.
      its important and everyone should consider the matter.
      Denying this is like denying a creator or the sham of evolution.
      Well maybe not but something like that.
      Remember who accused whom first?
      Feminists accused society and now men should accuse society.
      I am , and you, accusing people and thats our moral and political right.
      I don't think a man in such a position would insust life evolved on mars already.
      Its dumb.

  2. Let's look at this situation clearly: obviously the time has now arrived for NASA to go to Congress asking for funding!