Thursday, November 10, 2016

BioLogos: A New Book By Dennis Venema

Who Was Adam?

In Dennis Venema’s new book, Adam and the Genome, coauthored with Scot McKnight and available in January, readers will be told that evolution is a well-supported, scientific theory. The publisher explains that the authors “address up-to-date genomics data with expert commentary.” But unless Venema has dramatically changed his views, what readers will find is a series of misrepresentations, turning the evidence upside down in order to prove evolution. See, for example, my reviews of several of Venema’s flawed articles (here and here).

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  1. Indeed they do imnvoke convergence when common descent is unwelcome.
    in fact creationists show demand why convergence could not always be invoked, as a option, in connecting fossils or any traits in groups?

    If our DNA has within it mechanisms to deal with problems its an option they would deal the same desite the species etc.
    Having like denes/mutations in different creatures is not evidence of common descent. Only a option.
    It easily could be from a common design that allows mechanisms to deal with problems in a common way.

    anyways its still just comparing things.
    Then saying THEY can't THINK of any other explanation.
    Lack of imagination is not science.