Monday, March 28, 2016

Bracketology Controversy Goes Viral

Three Years Perfect

As expected the Darwin’s God bracket is now perfect going into the Final Four. Given that our bracket was perfect the last two years running, we have no reason to doubt that this year’s remaining three games will go our way as well. But yesterday, after first revealing our outstanding success, evolutionists have ridiculously cast doubt on the veracity of our results.

After publishing our bracket’s success in predicting the Final Four teams, the first sign of Darwinian doubt came from a team of evolutionists in New Zealand. Evolutionists in both the ROC and PRC joined in, and soon the growing chorus of doubt went viral.

First, the evolutionists wanted to verify our previous two year’s brackets. They demanded to see our published brackets. In particular, they insisted that the brackets be predated to the beginning of the tournament.

We assured them it is a fact that our brackets were 100% without error, and that to see our brackets, they need only look at the outcomes of the actual games.

Next they wanted to understand our methodology and how we could overcome such long odds. We explained that our brackets are generated randomly, to which their quick response was that the chances of us selecting our bracket was 1 in 2^63. It was, according to their silly logic, astronomically unlikely.

We of course politely disabused them of their misunderstanding. Did they not know that the chances of us selecting our bracket was no different than any other bracket? The chances of us selecting not just our bracket, but any bracket, is 1 in 2^63.

They disagreed and went back to drawing up their evolution results.


  1. Another creationist discovers it's easier to just paint the bulls-eye around the arrow already stuck in the wall.

  2. Nice work, Cornelius. Once again you have struck a nerve. Poor Darwinists. What an unhappy lot.

  3. Replies
    1. Dr. Hunter, you do realize you may be sued for using a secret patented formula. :D

    2. PhillyMike

      Dr. Hunter, you do realize you may be sued for using a secret patented formula

      Yeah, that always works at Las Vegas casino sports book sites. Trying to place a bet on a game after the game is over and claiming you had the winner beforehand.

    3. The dirt worshipper is clueless, as usual. LOL

  4. I'm clueless too. What the heck is a "bracket" in this context. 'Sounds like maybe some sporting event is being discussed, but as I am not much of a sports fan, this whole thread just leaves me saying "huh?" Please, somebody, give me the inside story so I can grasp the thread.

    1. It's the NCAA basketball National Championship bracket. If you pick all the teams you win like a million dollars.