Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chuan He: Evolution Created Epigenetics

Because Nature Takes Advantage of What it Evolves

They never predicted it, then they denied it could be heritable, and then they denied it could cause lasting change. “It” in this case is epigenetics and in spite of being wrong, wrong and wrong again, and in spite of the fact that there is no scientific explanation for how epigenetics could have evolved, evolutionists nonetheless insist that it, in fact, must have evolved. Evolution loses every battle but claims to win the war. All of this became abundantly clear this past week when the finding of a new epigenetic signal was announced:

The epigenetic mark of DNA methylation, once thought to be rare if not nonexistent in worms and flies, occurs throughout the genomes of these organisms and in algae on the base adenine, not the cytosine known to be modified in mammals

and, in reference to said findings, evolutionist Chuan He explained that “If nature evolves something, it tends to take advantage of it,” both of which are non scientific claims.

First, there is no scientific evidence that nature evolved epigenetics. That is a religiously-driven, absurd claim.

Under evolution, the protein machines that attach the epigenetic markers must have fortuitously evolved from random mutations. But placing markers would not have helped if they were not in the right place, and in response to the right environmental signals. In fact, such protein machines could easily wreak havoc if they weren’t working just right.

But even given all that, such a marvel would do no good. That is because a tiny methyl group, or any other epigenetic marker, must be interpreted by other molecular machines. In other words, there must also have evolved the machines needed to recognize and perform the appropriate regulatory actions, as indicated by the given marker.

Evolution requires an enormous sequence of random mutations to occur before fitness improvements could be realized.

There is no scientific evidence that any such thing occurred. Perhaps future findings will reveal such an amazing feat, but today science gives us no such indication and in fact reveals that such an evolution would be heroic.

Second, He’s claim that nature “tends to take advantage of” what it evolves is a Darwinian personification of evolution which, as usual, is underwritten by Aristotelian teleology—none of which is scientific.

A long history of false predictions followed by absurd truth claims—this is not science.


  1. Any science or common sense that contradicts Evolution will be ignored.

  2. If it's not science, it's evolution.