Saturday, December 21, 2013

This Just In: Universe About to Collapse

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If you thought global warming was bad consider this: evolutionists have now concluded that the risk of the universe collapsing is even greater than previously thought:

Sooner or later a radical shift in the forces of the universe will cause every little particle in it to become extremely heavy. Everything -- every grain of sand on Earth, every planet in the solar system and every galaxy -- will become millions of billions times heavier than it is now

Oh, and “this will have disastrous consequences.”

It may sound weird but, technically, it’s actually no different than when water turns to steam:

This violent process is called a phase transition and is very similar to what happens when, for example water turns to steam or a magnet heats up and loses its magnetization. The phase transition in the universe will happen if a bubble is created where the Higgs-field associated with the Higgs-particle reaches a different value than the rest of the universe.

In fact, not only is this total collapse more likely than evolutionists previously thought, it may have already begun:

"The phase transition will start somewhere in the universe and spread from there. Maybe the collapse has already started somewhere in the universe and right now it is eating its way into the rest of the universe. Maybe a collapsed is starting right now right here.

I hate it when that happens. Plus it will be another successful prediction for evolution. And if the collapse doesn’t happen, that too will be a successful prediction because, it turns out, the collapse may not happen after all:

Although the new calculations predict that a collapse is now more likely than ever before, it is actually also possible, that it will not happen at all. It is a prerequisite for the phase change that the universe consists of the elementary particles that we know today, including the Higgs particle. If the universe contains undiscovered particles, the whole basis for the prediction of phase change disappears. "Then the collapse will be canceled," says Jens Frederik Colding Krog.

They say more research is needed.


  1. What, pray tell, does cosmology have to do with evolution, Cornelius? Calling particle theorists "evolutionists" is such nonsense that I am starting to worry about your mental state.

  2. You actually missed a much more interesting one, Dr Hunter, the piece titled "Universe Is 30 Times More Run Down Than Thought, Astronomers Find (Jan. 27, 2010)". I mean, if astronomers can't tell if the Universe is feeling more run down than previously thought, what does that say about the state of modern cosmology - sorry - evolution?.

  3. oleg,

    Are you being ignorant or just intentionally obtuse?