Saturday, March 19, 2011

Making the World Safe for Empiricism

A Texas lawmaker is proposing legislation to protect college professors and students from view point discrimination regarding theories of origins:

An Arlington lawmaker has filed a bill aimed at protecting Texas college professors and students from discrimination because they question evolution.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the measure from Republican state Rep. Bill Zedler would block higher education institutions from discriminating against or penalizing teachers or students based on their research into intelligent design or other theories that disagree with evolution.

Zedler said he filed the bill because of cases in which colleges had been hostile to those who believe that certain features of life-forms are so complex that they must have originated from a higher power.

It is good to see law makers addressing academic discrimination and blackballing, but if we’re going to pass laws, I would like to explicit protection for empiricism which has been under so much attack. How about something like this:

Discrimination and blackballing of people who believe scientific theories should account for the empirical data shall be illegal in publicly funded academic institutions.

Let’s make the world safe for empiricism again.


  1. Are we now going to legislate equal class time to Geocentrism? Homeopathy? That the earth is flat? Better not discriminate against those who think the stork brings the babies!

    Seriously, if the retards in Texas who elected that moron get it passed, they deserve every last bit of ridicule the rest of the country will give them. Scientific research isn't a democracy, and every wingnut idea doesn't deserve equal time and/or grant money.

  2. ...based on their research into intelligent design or other theories that disagree with evolution.

    "Research"? That's the ridiculous part.

    A brilliant own goal.