Tuesday, March 16, 2010

BioLogos Workshop: A Dialog on Creation

The BioLogos Foundation is planning a workshop entitled "A Dialog on Creation" for this summer:

The BioLogos-Gordon workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore questions at the intersection of science & faith. In this inaugural BioLogos workshop, held on the beautiful campus of Gordon College on Boston’s historic North Shore, participants will explore the compatibility of evolution and Christianity. Thee three-day program will be led by the senior staff of the BioLogos Foundation -- Peter Enns, Darrel Falk and Karl Giberson.

Speakers for the conference include Enns, Falk, Giberson and Claudia Beversluis, provost of Calvin College. The event is intended for scholars of all fields and will provide a relaxed, open setting to explore issues related to origins with leading scholars who believe in the harmony of science and faith.

The workshop will be led by "scholars who believe in the harmony of science and faith." This is code for "evolution is fact and those who disagree put their faith in conflict with science." In this perspective there is no room for understanding the scientific problems with evolution. There also is no room for historical analysis of the metaphysical motivations for evolution. And there is no room for admitting to the religious proofs for evolution.

Far from exploring "questions at the intersection of science & faith," this perspective lacks the resources to engage in the relevant issues.

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