Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jerry Coyne at University of Alabama Tonight

Jerry Coyne, who is in denial of his own beliefs, will be explaining why evolution is true at the University of Alabama tonight. Associate professor Leslie Rissler has high hopes for the visit because "Evolution is the foundation of biology and many other sciences." This is another one of those curious assertions that evolutionists often make. You might think their point is that the many advances in the life sciences were made possible by our knowledge of evolution. But that would be a lie. What they really mean is that, because evolution is true, it must be the foundation of biology. Rissler also illuminated several relevant issues for UA students to ponder:

The lecture series is only controversial in the sense that some people do not believe in evolution. There’s no belief in science, but evolution is a fact. ... The theory actually combines multiple facts under this over-arching body of knowledge so it is an incredibly important field of study. Our goal is for people to not be afraid of evolution and to think it [sic] something different than what it actually is.

I think being in college and in the university is to understand in a liberal arts sense the vast body of knowledge in the world. When you grow up in a very small isolated area and culture we don’t have an opportunity to see how other people in the world view the world, and this lecture series gives you an opportunity to see some of the brightest minds in the world talk about one of the most fundamental theories in history.

There’s no belief in science, but evolution is a fact? What a wonderful Bogey Moment. This truly is hilarious. The only problem is that I'm afraid I may be losing my appreciation of evolutionary absurdities because I have heard them so many times. If statements like these don't leave you rolling on the floor then check yourself--you may be losing it.

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