Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

How well does your school teach evolution? Evolutionists give good grades to biology classes that teach evolution is a fact, and poor grades to those that teach the evidence. Evolution is too complex and young students are in no position to think for themselves, say the evolutionists.

This is one move amongst many by evolutionists to protect their theory from scrutiny. As Casey Luskin points out, another move by the Darwin lobby is to redefine "scientific literacy" as "acceptance of evolution" rather than "an independent mind who understands science and forms its own informed opinions."

Luskin's advice for students is to "take courses advocating evolution. But also read material from credible Darwin skeptics to learn about other viewpoints. Only then can you truly make up your mind in an informed fashion." Science should not be about brainwashing, it should be about learning.

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