Friday, July 24, 2009

Facts Will Resist Theories: There is no Tree of Life

Attempts to cast today's origins debate as a Galileo replay are particularly ironic. It is true that today religion is dictating truth over against scientific findings, just as Whiggish history portrays the Galileo affair. But the Whigs have it backwards. Today the religion dictates evolution while the science contradicts it.

No matter what evolutionists claim, the science does not lie. Facts do not bend to accommodate theories. Evolutionists, for instance, continue to cling to the notion of a tree of life, in spite of the data. As one scientist wrote:

there is no such thing as a tree of life. The idea of a tree of life, which stringently follows Darwin theory, is not pertinent in the genomic age. Because of the occurrence of lateral gene transfer, specifically in the 'mobilome' category of selfish genes, we know that current organisms are chimeric, and made of a mosaic of sequences of different origins that makes the tree of life theory obsolete.

Indeed, otherwise similar species reveal profound differences and very different species reveal profound similarities. This is not what evolution predicted. Science should follow data, not dogma.