Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Darwin's God Will Be Going Off-Line Temporarily


  1. Dr. Hunter,

    I sincerely hope it will be temporarily. I would very much miss this page.

    1. Thank you Nic. Yes, just temporary. If you see it off-line again, it will be just temporary.

  2. Dr. Hunter, I am a pastor in rural Pa. I put one of your blogs recently in our church bulletin to help them understand the difficulties in evolution. Love reading your posts. Although sometimes, i must admit, your concepts are beyond me. But nevertheless, I do catch some of the insights and find them quite fascinating. Thank you for your efforts in bringing truth to light. God Bless, Bob

  3. Un "hasta muy pronto" desde España, Señor Hunter!!!!!

  4. Dr. Hunter. I too very much appreciate your honest, thorough (scientific) analysis. I have been for years. I would very much miss your blog if it was not a temporary shut down. Thinking of a longer term, it would be a shame if the younger generation were deprived of a voice of reason and fairness. They desperately need it.

  5. Thank you for your efforts, Dr. Hunter.
    Psalm 126

  6. I look forward to your return, Dr. Hunter. I have adored this blog for years. I've learned a lot and I particularly love the sense of humor you bring to a technically-challenging and sometimes discouraging subject. (Discouraging because the lies evolutionists tell are so harmful and so widely believed and repeated.) May God Bless you in whatever you do.