Friday, September 13, 2013

The Planthopper Nymph Has Gears


The planthopper nymph is a tiny insect with an incredibly fast jumping mechanism (it jumps in a few milliseconds with an acceleration of almost 400 g’s). What is perhaps most interesting are its gears that new research has uncovered. These micro marvels allow the insect to lock its legs together and synchronize their jumping motion with a precision of one three hundred thousandth of a second. You can see the video here. Truly amazing.


  1. obviously proof of convergent evolution where both the left gear and right gear simultaneously evolved and just happened to precisely mesh together.

  2. Hello Cornelius!

    Man, you are on it. Yesterday my son, who is majoring in Chemical Engineering in college, pointed this study out to me and I just about flipped!

    How does an nde proponent even begin to do the usual "story telling", let alone "scientifically demonstrating" how such a spatially, temporally, functionally, intercorellated system such as this could "evolve" via nde means within any kind of realistic time frame, if at all?

    Do you realize, if true, the impact this study could have on the general public, if presented this way through the "pop culture" media?

    Man, I hear rats jostling all over the nde ship that is sinking like the Titanic.

  3. I am thinking, "move over bacterial flegellum"!

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! It just keeps getting better!

  4. I mean, an "outboard boat motor"? The kids in the ghetto haven't a clue. The same for many other people who aren't familiar with boats and ways to propel the boats.

    BUT.... a sprocket? I mean a bicycle sprocket? I think, most any kid or adult anywhere knows what that is and can grasp how it functions. And realizes the importance of "precise correlations"!!!!

    HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

    Of course these kinds of mechanisms are pervasive throughout the living cell. But the SHEER ACCESSABILITY TO THE average cultural mind as a metaphor might be unprecedented regarding the application to the nde vs. design debate.

    Take it away Dr. Hunter!

  5. Er guys, animal bodies are full of simple physical machines. Levers, pulleys, fulcrums, ball and socket joints, etc. That's because the laws of physics are pretty much universal. Why are you getting all hot and bothered because humans use the same simple machine solutions that evolution hit upon millions of years ago?

    I guess it doesn't take much for you guys to wet yourselves and start hyperventilating over the forlorn hope that something, anything will overturn that evilution.

    Sad. Just sad.

  6. "I guess it doesn't take much for you guys to wet yourselves and start hyperventilating over the forlorn hope that something, anything will overturn that evilution."


    If you are referencing Neo Darwinian Evolution, there is nothing to wait for. It has never achieved the status of having the priviledge to be "overturned". There is not enough time. "Natural Selection" is impotent. "Random Mutation" can not possibly hit required targets for biophysical developments observed. You are living in the ancient past my friend.

    I really enjoy saying this. All of you people who have been making a living jerking off the students who have actually paid tuition to take your pathetic psuedo-scientific-philo bable courses thrust down their throats, are about to be exposed for the speculators, charlatins, snake oil salesmen, self serving murderers that you are.

    1. That should be the result of finding information and design in each living cell, but unfortunately there are now more of what you call "speculators, charlatins, snake oil salesmen, self serving murderers" than truth seekers in this world, so it's probably only going to get worse for us.

  7. Gears? Amazing! Quick questions come up: what are they made of, what lubricates them, why are teeth rounded?
    400 G acceleration? Incredible! That would turn human into mashed potatoes.

    1. ... or, for Trekkies, the proverbial red stain on the bulkhead.

      I wonder why the Designer didn't see fit to equip us with such capabilities. It would have made space travel so much easier. Now we'll have to download our consciousnesses into machines get anywhere in a reasonable time. Who's up for Borg-like assimilation?

    2. Do you know I was already assimilated by Borg(Catholic Church)? We have a message for you:

      "Ian, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile."

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. If Seven of Nine was Pope I think I could be persuaded that assimilation could be a good thing.

    5. Eugen said:

      "That would turn human into mashed potatoes."

      Blasphemer!!! Aren't you forgetting that humans are superior to everything else in every way and that humans are the pinnacle of special creation? There ain't no way that a bug could be superior to humans in any way! The bible says so!

  8. "...what are they made of, what lubricates them, why are teeth rounded??

    1. Chrome-moly steel

    2. 90 weight gear oil

    3. For smoother shifting

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