Saturday, September 19, 2009

John Patterson Demonizes Skepticism

For journalist John Patterson skepticism of evolution is all about bad people up to no good. Our latest sin, according to Patterson, is our less than enthusiastic interest in Jon Amiel's new film, Creation, which portrays Darwin as the heroic scientist who struggles to balance the profound new truth of evolution he has discovered with its impact on his wife's religious sentiments.

It is another example of Whiggish history, ignoring the scientific problems with evolution and its religious mandates and casting skepticism as the sole source of religious concern. The film might be brilliantly produced but do we really need another Inherit-the-Wind rewrite of history?

Patterson and the evolutionists of course disagree. They see the film as accurate history and so it is understandable that they hold works such as Creation in high esteem. What is of concern though are their caricatures and demonization of evolution skepticism. For Patterson, questioning evolution equates to "science-hating." Patterson writes:

the American right has taken a giant leap backwards, down to the knuckle-dragging, bulging-forehead stage of the evolutionary table. Just don't try telling these folks that their grandaddy was a chimp: they may have the smallest brains in America, but they also have the biggest guns.

People of this disposition cannot accept that we are somehow related to monkeys. You can say that about the new president, but not about the ape-like thugs shouting down US senators nationwide throughout August.

It is truly a Bogey Moment. Unfortunately Patterson's invective is not unusual. Evolutionists rarely address the skepticism, but rather attack the skeptic. This is the best they can do.