Thursday, July 9, 2009

Evolution is Intelligent Design

Did you know that evolution is a form of intelligent design? As Robert Costanza explains in the journal Trends in Ecology & Evolution, the process of evolution is so sophisticated that is amounts to a form of intelligence:

One definition of intelligence is the ability to learn. Therefore, evolution is in a very real sense intelligent: it can learn from experience and improve. ... Therefore, evolution is an intelligent (as opposed to a "dumb") design process. ... "Stupid" alternatives do not improve the reproduction of the system and die out. But natural selection does not require an all-seeing and all-knowing intelligence to do its work. The intelligence is the multilevel evolutionary system itself.

Of course, evolutionists believe that the "smart" alternatives (that is, biological variations that lead to increased fitness) just happen to arise. Natural selection has no power over this amazing capability which must be built into nature.

No amount of "selection pressure," as evolutionists euphemistically call it, can induce these smart alternatives. They arise all by themselves--somehow. All natural selection does is kill off the stupid alternatives. And when the smart alternatives accumulate, you get something like a cheetah or an oak tree. That's just rock solid science.