Sunday, May 31, 2020

A Response to Van Jones

He is Right

Civil rights activist Van Jones recently stated that white people, even the most liberal well-intentioned ones, have “a virus in his or her brain that can be activated at an instant.” I’m one of those white people and my response is that he is correct. Some may push back and say Van Jones is, himself, making a racist statement. I would say it is more of a realist statement—he is one hundred percent correct. But what the CNN commentator left out is that non white people also have the virus.

Van Jones' point about white people having a virus on the brain (nice metaphor by the way) is spot on, but the problem is not limited to white people. To help Van Jones understand this, I’ll provide two examples.

First, Lebron James is an African American who is somewhat politically active and a vocal civil rights supporter. James has made it clear that he believes the oppression of minorities is wrong and isn’t afraid to confront the problem. James also happens to be the best basketball player in the world. When not winning basketball games James helps to promote the game, both here and abroad. One lucrative international market for the game is Asia. There is big money to be had, but there is also substantial oppression of various people groups. In this case, James suddenly is much less vocal about the problem of oppression that elsewhere bothered him. There seems to be a virus that “can be activated at an instant.”

My second example for Van Jones is Van Jones himself. You see Van Jones is pro-choice. He supports the practice of murdering the unborn. Abortion of one of the fruits of our modern-day, Epicureanism—otherwise known as evolution—which makes the scientifically absurd claim that it is an undeniable fact that the world arose by itself. Evolution is underwritten by the metaphysics of naturalism and vehemently defended as a truism though, of course, it fails badly on the science.

Likewise, evolution has led to a number of failed dogmas, such as the insistence that it is good and proper to murder the unborn. Even though the science is undeniable that abortion is the taking of an innocent life. How is it that Van Jones can be so clear about oppression in the one case, and so blind in the other case? Could it be that there is a virus that “can be activated at an instant”?

Religion drives science, and it matters.

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